In a nut shell, I work with strategy and creative teams in some of London’s leading innovation and design consultancies, helping turn insights and opportunity areas into viable creative ideas.

I have 3 main areas of expertise …

  1. Product Innovation: Designing and bringing new products to market that stand out on shelf – giving reason to try, buy and love.
  • Identifying Growth Opportunities
  • New and Existing Product Innovation
  • Brand Stretch and Extension
  • Building Innovation Pipelines
  1. Brand Innovation: Creating brands that inspire, motivate and excite people. Refreshing challenged classic brands, by injecting relevance and forward momentum.
  • Creation and Positioning
  • Refresh and Repositioning
  • Expression and Activation
  • Brand Identity and Storytelling
  1. Experience Innovation: Designing brand experiences that break through our over stimulated and always-on culture to connect and engage people in deep and meaningful ways.
  • Retail Innovation
  • Physical and Digital Brand Experiences