Coffee With Sarah 2.0

The idea

Have you ever wanted to know your postman’s life story, the guy who serves you your coffee everyday or that interesting girl sat opposite you on the tube?
I do, so I am going out there to meet inspiring people, and share their stories with the world.



I will start by sending postcards to creative people I wish to collaborate with or bounce ideas off. Not only that, I will also carry invitations for those interesting people I randomly meet during my day and don’t have the excuse to speak to.

So lets see what happens…


Where is all began 

It all started when looking for new job opportunities a couple of years ago. I realised how hard it was to get my foot and portfolio through the door (without literally sending my shoe through the post). The big realisation for me was that Creative Directors and CEO’s were just too busy to take time out of their day, so I found a way to slot into their busy schedules.

And so, ‘Coffee with Sarah’ was born.

The same premise as you see today but with something in return, although I soon came to realise that I got more out of it than just a job. Over time I began to invite a wider variety of people; people who inspired me, people who I wanted to get know, and before I knew it, coffee breaks were turning into design collaborations, idea sessions, late night drinks and much more…


Why Take Part?

Why not? What’s the worst that could happen?


And who am I? 

I am Sarah. A creative, a consultant and entrepreneur. Thanks to Coffee with Sarah, I spend my days at The Gild ( and my evenings and weekends exploring everything London has to offer.
But enough about me, it’s you I’m interested in…