Peroni Innovations

Peroni Nastro Azzurro doesn’t play by the typical beer rules, it plays by style rules and that’s a unique and inspirational positioning to leverage. I believe that there is a business opportunity to extend their range and establish themselves into the ‘Aperitivo’ market. Aperitivo is an authentic Italian tradition that combines delicious small plates of food with refreshing alcoholic drinks.

Introducing Peroni:Aperitivo, a delicious range of premium olives and antipasti products perfect for social gatherings, and a stylish and elaborate affair for up-market bars. Peroni:aperitivo is for your everyday life – in public spaces, cafes and bars, gallery openings and parties; and amongst family and friends at home.

Using the design cues from the current Peroni glass, the jar features the subtle curves with a sleek, silver lid to convey its premium status. Recently, the blue ribbon has been established as the key identifier for the brand and is a more prominent visual element of the brand. This has been subtly featured around the lid as a device to hold the tag.

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